Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Coming up for air

Have been off the air (blogging wise) for a few weeks - but I guess as this is a "web log" so I can legitimately record the following:
  • Finally found and employed new young adult librarian for YL (Yay!!). New grad all the way from Melbourne. Brave woman. Also refreshingly gung ho for libraries - just what we need.
  • Farewelled a valued staff member. Time to philosophize about the dynamics of a library team - comings and goings are inevitable, and are like small seismic shifts - it all settles down into a new pattern eventually - different, but still a beautiful thing.
  • In the upper echelons, lost our exec. manager. BIG seismic shift. Waiting for the dust to settle...
  • Looking forward to welcoming back other librarian from maternity leave. 3 librarians employed at same time (an historic event) plus fantastic team of library assistants - looking good for library services in near future.
  • On the boil - supporting 3 book groups, meet the teachers night at YL (tonight), adult event "Armchair Traveller" (also tonight), downhill run for YL e-zine project, recruiting a group of young people to undergo training in Dreamweaver and publish the zine, installing new "Stakka" units for CDs, preparing Library's case for Service Level Review, budget review. + working on circ, answering queries, troubleshooting computers etc etc

The many and varied duties of a real public librarian...


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