Monday, January 30, 2006

Sometimes this job gets me down

Basically I'm a very optimistic enthusiastic person. But every so often I commit a complete stuff up and feel pretty depressed as a result. In this case I engaged mouth before brain and deeply offended a customer (a case of honestly mistaken identity but even so, a serious lapse of judgement). Tomorrow I'll do the right thing and apologize. But now it's time to wallow in guilt and shame for a few hours and quite probably lose some sleep, not only on behalf of the wronged customer, but also in anticipation of the reaction of my manager. It's times like these I wish I drank, or had some valium in the house...

But keeping things in perspective...

I still have to feed the kids, be civil to the husband, and walk the dog.

I'm still healthy (I may be a bit tired tomorrow morning after the tossing and the turning).

Nobody I know or love has died.

I generally only manage to do something that makes me feel this low once or twice a year.

98% of the time I smooth over trouble, rather than add to it.

A few hours of beating myself up should be sufficient.


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