Saturday, September 29, 2007

Read for your Life!

"Read for your Life" was the inspiration, and it just seems like the right time to do something for the "baby boomer" customers who it seems to me have the time and the inclination to read, but maybe because of constant work or study, have become disconnected from reading for personal pleasure (that happened to me when I was studying.) Here's my first attempt at defining the program:

Do you want to:

Get meaning and purpose from your reading?

Reconnect with reading?

Develop a reading plan?

Then join Livingstone Shire Librarian Debra Burn for a series of seminars that will inspire or re-ignite your love of reading. Three sessions will include:

1. How you will benefit from reading personally. By the end of this session you will be inspired to make reading a more rewarding part of your life!

2. How do you decide what to read? You’ll explore a number of tools and techniques for finding what to read, whether you like to read non-fiction, biographies, literature or in any other field of interest.

3. Putting it into practice. Tools and techniques for developing a reading plan, keeping track and enhancing the reading experience.

Debra is a qualified librarian with over 30 years experience of helping people find “a good read”.

When: TBA

Where: Yeppoon Library

Cost: Free!

...well, that's the first draft of the flyer. If anyone has done or knows of a similar program elsewhere, I'd appreciate any leads!