Thursday, May 18, 2006

Book Group Blog Experiment

As a possible application of blogging for libraries (as opposed to for librarians), I have started a library-based blog, primarily for members of our 3 book groups, but with the potential to morph into a general library/reader advisory book blog in the future. The blog at the moment is pretty much just a showpiece, as only the book group members have been told about it. As I guess many of the book group members are not particularly interested in blogging, or indeed, the Internet, there's not much traffic yet, however it's worth the time as a pilot just to see how much effort it takes to maintain a blog for the library. I am quite pleased with the look of it so far.

Tomorrow am giving a talk to the local U3A group (University of the Third Age) on "Blogs, Pods and Wikis" and will be giving the group the address of the bookblog as an example. Also conducting public sessions on "How to blog" for Library and Information Week next week (a couple of people have signed up so far!!). Just an intro to Blogger really as that's all I'm familiar with. Puts me in mind of my brother-in-law, a high school teacher, who arrived from the US and almost immediately was given the task of teaching Australian history. He was literally just a chapter ahead of his students. But it was enough. Let's hope I'm at least a page ahead of my students! If not, no worries, they can probably teach me (and each other) something!


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