Monday, May 19, 2008

Wild Dancing at the Library!

In the context of researching how to deal with some library customers' challenging behaviours, a work colleague sent me an extract from the State Library of Queensland's Client Access Policy. It outlines unacceptable behaviour:

"Conduct that could be reasonably construed as annoying or disruptive or that puts at risk the property of the State Library.

This includes but is not limited to:

Interfering with other people’s property or State Library materials in use by another person.
Making unacceptable noise, including conducting discussions in designated Quiet Zones ..."

All very sensible, until you get to this section (emphasis added):

"Behaviour that would be reasonably considered inappropriate in the context of a library (such as wild dancing or making frightening gestures)"

Wild dancing?? Of all the examples they could have chosen, I'm consumed by curiosity as to what actual experience compelled the author/s to choose wild dancing, of all things!! And what constitutes wild, as opposed to, say, calm dancing? Would ballet be acceptable? How about a waltz?

Personally, I think wild dancing should be encouraged in libraries...


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