Friday, November 02, 2007

Reaction to "The Librarians"and stumbling around in Second Life (again)

Well, what a treat the ABC's new comedy "The Librarians" was! My favourite line: (Fran, the Head Librarian, to a library customer): "I'm sorry, I don't make the rules" (Staff member passing by) "Yes you do Fran!". Ouch! I may make the rules, but like Fran I don't always like to own up to them! And what a delight also is the show's homepage - we (the staff) pored over all the clever in-jokes. ALIA also has a blog about the show. Highly recommended. I also tried (in vain) to join the discussion on Second Life, but not having used my Second Life persona for a while, when I tried to log on I was told I had to download the new version, which took ages, which meant I was running late for the meeting; then when I finally did teleport into the environs of the ABC Amphitheatre, I didn't have any pants on (no, I don't know why!!) so my son had to help me put some on; THEN the lag was so huge I couldn't actually control my movements, I could fly but not walk, and WHY are all the signs in Second Life so fuzzy?? Alright it's to give you the illusion of distance, but when you are not in full control of your own limbs it's just annoying, especially when you are trying to find out which way to go.., I can't see things properly in first life any more without my glasses I certainly don't want to be similarly afflicted in Second Life, that's a level of virtual reality I can do without...Finally I did stumble on the meeting JUST AS IT WAS FINISHING, so sat there looking like a complete idiot, eavesdropping on people's farewells. I really must get more practice on Second Life, and probably need to download it onto my son's game playing computer (not the laptop) as the lag is a really huge impediment to any meaningful interaction in Second Life. My son is, off course, dead against this , for obvious reasons.


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