Monday, June 05, 2006

LIVE! - from the QPLA Conference

Well here I am in Cairns, having arrived yesterday and set up my "booth" in the innovations area promoting the Youth Library. Already done my "spiel" to lots of colleagues and very chuffed at their interest and reactions.

As usual the speakers give me more ideas than I can poke a stick at - I just realized that the staff probably have a horror of my returning from conferences as I fire all kinds of crazy half baked ideas at them!

The first speaker was Timothy Hyde who encouraged us to "think like a magician" - here are some conference "bites" of his ideas -

Innovation = Excitement and enthusiasm; knowledge is down on the list of necessary ingredients

Note to self - ensure staff have time together to brainstorm innovative ideas.

Our next speaker was Doug Johnson from the US. His said something very affirming - that in most libraries it's the 2 or 3 new things you do each year that make the difference, not necessarily the big flash program. He had a lot to say about e-books and I concur, they are inevitable. But librarians will still have a role (?) in brokering community deals for access. To be boring and do nothing will lead to failure. New paradigm = "The riskiest thing you can do is the safest".
We are being called back to the next session so more "live action" to follow later...


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