Thursday, September 08, 2005

Every so often I have one of those 50 hours+ weeks and man am I knackered. But I am compelled to keep up my blog. It's become a matter of pride not to be a slacker.

Work proceeds nicely on the Youth Library, whose name can now be revealed - wait for it - "Verbyl". Yes I know it rhymes with "furball" or ''gerbil". However our panel of young people chose this out of 118 submissions . Close contenders were "Youth Lounge" and "Youth Booth" but Verbyl was just more "out there". Number one, anything mispelled is just cool. (This is the young people talking, not me). Number two, being verbal means being free to speak and be heard - also a nice counterpoint to the stereotype of libraries where silence is golden. And number three, verb "is a doing word" implying action and participation. The YL on the end is also a subliminal acronym for Youth Library. Trust me! We have hired a professional graphic artist to produce a logo for the space based on the name and the young people had a chance to meet with her today and discuss her rough drafts. We're thinking black or silver library membership cards with the lime green/orange logo.

Our E-Zine launch was more like a limp but not to worry hopefully things will look up. This is a very difficult demographic and rather than whipping ourselves for things that don't work we should be congratulating ourselves for giving it a go. Live and learn from our mistakes.


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