Saturday, August 27, 2005

Australian Library and Info Association shows enlightened attitude to Blogging

As an ALIA member, I have joined the ALIA's Professional Development scheme which encourages members to commit to a self-devised program of professional development. For various activities (eg formal study, attending conferences, professional reading etc) you accumulate points; if you accumulate the required number of points over a three year period you have in theory shown that you are developing professionally and can use Certified Practitioner (CP) after your post-nominals.

When I was off work the other day with a sick child, I sat down for the long overdue task of recording my "points" for the CPD scheme; and I idly got to wondering whether blogging would count. I sent an email to the CPD coordinator, and was very pleased with her reply:

"Yes, 'blogs' certainly do qualify as a PD activity ... a couple actually. Professional Reading 1 point per hour, 10 points maximum per year when you read the 'blog'. Personal Study Project 2 points per hour, 20 points maximum per year if you are responsible for the co-ordination and content of the 'blog' ; or possibily Publications category 1 point per hour, 10 points max per year if you prepare say a non-referred article to be published in electronic form."

So there you go! Officially sanctioned! Blogging as a recognized professional development activity!


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